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Gezer Shluhot – Israel's Largest Carrot Grower

Gezer Shluhot carrots logo IsraelGezer Shluhot: Carrots rooted in Israel’s history – sweet and crunchy with every bite. This company is the largest grower, packer and exporter of fresh carrots in Israel. With a range of world-class products and a thriving export business – and over sixty years of knowledge and expertise – Gezer Shluhot offers the expertise, technology, and skills necessary to bring the sweetest and freshest quality carrots, all year round.

Gezer Shluhot is situated in the historic Bet Shean Valley of Northern Israel, home to agriculture since ancient times. With its combination of rich, fertile soil and a particularly hot climate, this serene valley – serendipitously situated at the junction of major crossroads in ancient Israel – has been well known as excellent farming land for thousands of years.

Gezer Shluhot have build on this long tradition of farming but with a modern twist, applying cutting-edge technologies and world-class equipment to the agricultural process to grow the tastiest products and promote environmentally responsible agriculture.

Established in 1948, Gezer Shluhot brings to every aspect of the business a family-style atmosphere and honest work ethic – intertwined with a love of the land and a passion for making it bloom. They believe it’s all that abundant love and passion, together with careful attention to detail, that produce a superior product that simply tastes great.

Gezer Shluhot carrots Israel

Gezer Shluhot carrots Israel

Part of an Israeli kibbutz, a collective community with a shared social and economic framework, the company represents a unique blend of agriculture, entrepreneurship, and old-fashioned values. They are also a heterogeneous group that takes pride in its diversity and includes Jewish and Arab Israelis, and workers from around the world.

A wide range of quality products, including carrots that are organic, Chantenay, Imperator, Mini, and Coloured mix. The produce meets the highest local and international quality standards including 9001 ISO, Global G.A.P, BRC, LEAF, TNC, F2F and SMETA. Because the company handles every stage of the process they have the flexibility to work with each customer on a personal basis.  They aim to help you meet specific business requirements – as relates to the timing of an order, exact produce specifications, and packaging and shipping options.

At Gezer Shluhot takes great pride in doing it all themselves: from growing to packing, from marketing to exporting.

The Company website gives a lot more information and contact details here.

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