Bradford Carrot Festival

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The Annual Carrot Fest - Bradford West Gwillimbury, Ontario, Canada - August 19 2006

John had the privilege of visiting the Bradford West Gwillimbury Carrot Fest on 19 August 2006 (John's birthday!), and a wonderful time was had by all.  The main street is closed to traffic for the day and to make room for all the carrot events and stalls and entertainment to celebrate the Town's agricultural roots.   I even got to visit some carrot packing plants to pick up some carrot bags for Jeff from Cleveland to add to his collection, then moved onto to see the real carrots growing in the marsh.

The Carrot Fest is truly a real family affair with something for everyone. Main events included a carrot cart derby, professional wrestling, all day poker event, arm wrestling, art show, bicycle race, kids village, beer garden, live bands, face painting and a vendor market selling a variety of goods, many of course carroty.

The full local report of the event from the "BWG Times" can be read here. There was even a spaghetti eating contest!!  and why I ask, no Carrot Eating Contest?  - maybe next year.

Gwilly the event  mascot wanders the streets giving out free carrots! The Town Mayor, Frank Johnkman, presented John with a birthday cake (carrot of course!) and a Carrot Fest T Shirt. 

Reported as being the biggest and best Bradford Carrot Fest ever, here is a taste of the fun we all had:

Kayla Bartlett Showing her Carrot face painting

Carrot Fest Poster

Kayla Bartlett proudly sporting her new face - cheeky!

Gwilly gives a taste of things to come.

John with Jenn and Jaclyn

Bradford Welcome Sign

Mr Carrot beholds a couple of beauties - Jenn & Jaclyn

A Warm Carrot Welcome to the Town


Bradford Carrot Fest Emblems

Bradford Carrot Fest - John meets the mayor.

The Carrot Fest emblem everyone seemed to wear one.

John meets the Mayor and Carrot Volunteers

Bradford Carrot Fest - John meets Gwilly

Kate Rutledge Holding Carrots

Gwilly meets Mr Carrot.

Another carrot fan - Kate holding her treasured carrots.

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