Carrots - Dorot Farm, Israel

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Kibbutz Dorot – A Success Story

Dorot Farm (BDA#1 Carrot Growers Group) currently exports to the USA , Canada, Europe, Russia, Africa and the Persian Gulf Emirates with great success.

dorot farm carrotsDorot farm is an agricultural corporation that cultivates approximatelyDorot Farm Carrot Bag 3,700 acres of vegetables and is one of Israel’s largest supplier of fresh carrots. Kibbutz Dorot was established in 1941 by a group of farmers, eventually becoming a success story by all standards. Today,

Other agricultural products grown at Dorot include garlic, wheat and potatoes.

The Carrots

Dorot takes first place when it comes to product quality. The exclusdorot farm carrotsive expertise is passed from generation to generation. Through a winning combination of connection with nature, attentiveness to the needs of the market and advance technology their products are in high demand across the country and worldwide. The company holds certification by all of the major food standards. One of the reasons for this is that all their carrots undergo rigorous inspection – each carrot is selected and checked using a unique and meticulous screening method, consistently assuring the finest possible product. Dorot carrots grow under strict quality requirements and under Israeli PPIS supervision as well as Euro G.A.P and Global G.A.P.

dorot farm carrotsThe carrots undergo a rigorous and methodical 7 stage process of rinsing, inspection and cleaning which concludes with the carrot being given the stamp of quality: “Rinsed, Inspected and Clean”. The accommodating climate of the region provides Dorot with another important advantage, enabling it to deliver carrots to countries in which carrots do not grow throughout the year. Dorot grows carrots every season, all year round.

The company is able to grow, sort, pack and ship carrots in a variety of packaging in accordance with the customers requirements. They ensure that the goods arrive to the various markets exactly on time, to any destination in the world.


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