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The Carrot Museum Hall of Fame

As the research for the World Carrot Museum produced more in depth and new information about the wonderful vegetable and its colourful history, so the site grew and grew. With this expansion the popularity of the World Carrot Museum came to the attention of the media. Set out below are some of the examples.

Important Note: You will notice that there are few records after 2009. This is not because the Museum has ceased educating the world about carrots. The mass media in their infinite wisdom often choose to ridicule, demean and devalue what the Carrot Museum does. It is an easy target to write about someone who is passionate about a subject and turn it into an obsession and run by someone who is clearly crazy.  Nothing could  be further from the truth.  Also the truth is often distorted or totally misrepresented to make a more eye catching headline. (It sells newspapers)

Therefore, the Museum now regularly refuses to be interviewed about its activities. Responses to these refusals can be mis-read, that is their problem not mine. We have a favourite expression which is quite apposite in this instance:

"Never let the facts get in the way of a good story."

How did the World Carrot Museum start? read here.(pdf file)carrots as shown in msn


The Carrot Museum Road Show has had exhibitions at the Royal Horticultural Society, Harlow Carr Gardens for the past two years. Visit the dedicated pages here.

Talks to schools, local societies and institutions are given on a regular basis, please e-mail the Museum if you would like a show or talk about carrots.

Click here to see the awards from other sites.

Live Science website, has produced two articles based on interviews in September 2020 with the Carrot Museum Curator.

1. Are carrots orange because of a Dutch revolutionary? here

2. Can carrots give you night vision? here

The Smithsonian Magazine 2013 - A WWII Propaganda Campaign Popularized the Myth That Carrots Help You See in the Dark

How a ruse to keep German pilots confused gave the Vitamin-A-rich vegetable too much credit -  link here  Please read the comments section and the notes made by the Curator of the World Carrot Museum. (a good example of distortion of the true story) - Yes the Curator was interviewed but the author of the article chose to "massage" what was said, for the sake of a better story. Fake news is live and well!

Carrot Country Magazine

The American magazine entitled "Carrot Country" based in Washington, included the World Carrot Museum in a feature article - Touting Carrots on the Web - a three page spread in the Spring 2002 edition. See the full article here.

Carrot country is a part of Freshcut from of the Columbia Publishing Company producing other worthy horticultural publications such as potato country onion world and tomato magazine.
It looks like they have every healthy vegetable covered, offering the latest news and trends relevant to their respective industries!

The article produced many useful contacts for the Carrot Museum for which John is ever grateful.

Click here to visit Freshcuts informative site.

Visit Carrot Country Magazine here.

The magazine now regularly accepts articles from John!  

In 2017 John reported on his visit to the Annual British Carrots Association carrot field trials. Report in Carrot Country archives online.

Telegraph & Argus, Bradford, UK - What's Up John - 30 December 2006Bradford Telegraph & Argus 30 December 2006

All about John searching for his roots (!) in Poland and finding a long lost relative who runs a carrot farm.

The locals street were emblazoned with "Cross Hills Guy Explains Carrot Obsession" !

Click on newspaper to see larger image.

Click here to read the article. Reported again in May 2010.

Yorkshire Post - Thursday 16 August 2007

Passion for carrots takes root in Yorkshire Mr CarrotPhoto of Mr Carrot

Yorkshire post August 2007 - Many tourists are aware that Yorkshire boasts lively cities, idyllic countryside, stunning architecture and breathtaking World Heritage Sites.

Fewer know that the region is also home to the World Carrot Museum – – the first port of call for root vegetable enthusiasts across the globe. See full article here.

Report of Carrot Museum event at RHS Harlow Carr Gardens. Here.

Reports of John's visits to growers and packers in the UK:

Potts Bakers : Huntapac (Lancashire) : Poskitt (Yorkshire) Metcalfe's (Yorkshire)

Reveal Magazine December 2008

Reported on the famous Carrotmas tree, showing off the collection of carrot ornaments -  click here to see the full article (opens a pdf file)


Right, cartoon in Bradford Telegraph & Argus 2010

The Daily Mirror in England daily mrror 13 October 2001

Cited the World Carrot Museum as "Site of the day" on 13 October 2001. (right)
One of the biggest selling newspapers in England finally recognises the true worth of carrots.

The Times (UK) 17 August 2007 - Carrot fanatic shows off his roots

About 200 carrot-related items from the online collection of a man obsessed with the vegetable are on display. John Stolarczyk, is presenting dozens of carrot-themed collectibles, from candles and clocks to forks and fishing lure, at the Harlow Carr gardens of the Royal Horticultural Society in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Mr Stolarczyk, 56, a retired council officer, from Skipton, North Yorkshire, runs an internet museum devoted to the carrot. He says: “I eat them every day, at least once. I just love the taste of them. I also grow my own – red, purple, white and yellow carrot varieties.”


Look North 20 August 2007 click here to watch the TV excerpt

Richard & Judy Show 20 August 2007click here to watch the TV excerpt

Also search Youtube for "World Carrot Museum" to see a few videos from Museum roadshows.

What's Up Doc?  - The Maryland Herald-Mail in the United States ran a piece entitled "What's up, Doc? quoting from the Museum that at the root of it all carrots are good for you.

Written by Kate Coleman in the Food Section of the newspaper she conclusively confirmed that carrots are good for you. The Centre for Science in the Public Interest lists the carrot in the top ten healthiest vegetables. She also explains about the health benefits of Vitamin A.

MSN gave the Museum a reference too - June 2007

Trusting your eyesight to carrots
If you think these vegetables will improve your vision, think again. While carrots do contain vitamin A, which is a major player in keeping your eyes working properly, you really only need a small amount of it - and no matter how much vitamin A you consume, it’s not going to magically eliminate your need for glasses. In fact, if you eat too much vitamin A in pill form, you can end up with a toxic—although not usually fatal—reaction.

The idea that more carrots means better vision might actually be a relic of a World War II-era military disinformation campaign. According to the online World Carrot Museum, British intelligence began spreading the myth during the blitz as a plausible explanation for why their fighter pilots were suddenly able to spot Nazi planes at night. In reality, the British had simply developed a better radar system and didn’t want the enemy to find out about it.

Craven Herald (North Yorkshire) 27 February 2004 go there and again in 2007 - here

ABC Radio  - John gave a live interview on in Tasmania on 5 September 2001 where Chris Wisbee discussed at the length the goodness of carrots together with some witty remarks about some of the trivia associated with carrots.

The Miami Herald on 6 August 2001 ran a piece called "Come on Baby light my Carrot" where Dave Barry in his inimitable style expounded on the sparks you can experience when microwaving carrots and asked the question can carrots burn your house down!
Click here to see the World Carrot Museum piece about this phenomenon.

Dave Barry has been at The Miami Herald since 1983. He won the Pulitzer Prize for commentary in 1988. Barry writes about varioDave Barryus major issues relating to the international economy, the future of democracy, the social infrastructure and exploding toilets!

Dave said " The World Carrot Museum reflects a level of interest in carrots that would probably trouble a psychiatric professional!"
Click here to see the newspaper article in full.

Ocean F.M. - another Radio interview on 15 April 2002 for the Steve Randall show on Ocean FM (96.7 and 97.5), broadcast weekday and Saturday afternoons. This station broadcasts to the South Coast area of England.  John was quizzed about the virtues of carrots and how the site came together. He was even asked to tell one of the carrot jokes. See the jokes here.

Student Newspaper of the University of Tennessee 4/10/2001 issued an article describing the virtues(?) of the Carrot Museum

The Moose Jaw Times-Herald, Tuesday, August 8, 2001 asked "Can carrots burn down your house?" ... " This urgent question comes up thanks to a reader Doug Forand, who writes to describe an alarming discovery he made recently while experimenting with carrots in his microwave oven." The article went on to reference the World Carrot Museum's valid scientific explanation for such sparks.

Other notable publications which have made reference to the World Carrot Museum include:

The Augusta Chronicle credits the World Carrot Museum with discovering who invented the modern carrot cake. 15 October 2001.

The Holland Sentinel 5/8/2001 (Michigan) extols the virtues of the Carrot Museum.

New York Times 4/12/2001, makes reference to this comprehensive piece of work.

Talking Crochet, the world's largest free crochet e-newsletter. Authored by America's premier crochet expert and editor of Crochet! magazine, Jean Leinhauser, this entertaining and inspiring letter comes once every three weeks, bringing you crochet information and insights you'll find nowhere else! April 2003 edition points readers to the Fun/Craft page of the Museum where they can find a beautiful crochet bookmark. Click here to go there.

The Sun (UK) 1 January 2007 (right)

The Jefferson Herald, September 2003. Interview with Bev Lehman,  John whilst on his US Carrot Tour. See the article here.

The Scranton Journal 24 September 2003. Click here.

The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette 23 September 2003 Click here

Cleveland Plain Dealer - 26 November 2003 go there

Radio Leeds Interview  - November 2004 and again 6 January 2007. Graham Liver "Great music and convivial West Yorkshire conversation"

Bradford West Gwillimbury Times (Ontario) 19 August 2006, report of John's visit. go there

Extrageographic Magazine - Number One site November 2006 -

This week’s top site: " - A large website devoted to carrots – lots of information.

The website also mentioned that: "If you dream of carrots - it portends prosperity and health; for a young woman to eat them denotes she will contract an early marriage and be the mother of several hardy children." See the magazine here.

Wave 105  - The South West's Best Radio

Monday 4th December -

BBC Radio 5 Live, Interview Monday 1 January 2007 - web site here

Radio Solent (Hampshire UK) - Interview Thursday 4 January 2007 - visit the Radio web site here.

Radio Bristol 20 February 2008. Yorkshire Evening Post August 2007 (right)

Craven Herald 1 March 2007 - Carrot king customises his collection

Carrot connoisseur John Stolarczyk has returned from Holtville, USA, the global carrot capital of the world, armed with more artefacts for his museum - the only one in the world devoted to the vegetable.

The 56-year-old former Bradford Council administrator, whose favourite colour naturally is orange, gets more than 200 hits a day on his 125-page on-line museum.

His luggage was laden with a carrot miniature tenpin bowling set, a carrot-shaped bird box, a carrot-shaped bubble gum container, carrot-shaped chocolate, a carrot bird feeder, carrot candles, a windmill, a trinket box, towels and a carrot wreath.

They have now joined the other carrot cornucopia at his home in Clayton Hill Road, Cross Hills, near Keighley, where he already treasures carrot-based ornaments ranging from fairy lights to corkscrews.

Mr Stolarczyk said: "My biggest problem was getting the wreath through customs. It was in my backpack and they asked what it was. I told them I was a carrot collector and they eventually believed me."

He had been a guest of honour in the Californian town and took his place on a special float in the carrot parade.

With him was America's carrot tattoo lady - Michele - who persuaded John to have his own "temporary" tattoo, and Jeff Chiplis, of Cleveland, Ohio, who has a collection of 10,000 carrot bags.

Mr Stolarczyk was invited to judge a carrot cooking competition in which people made sweets, cakes and savoury dishes from the vegetable.

"I think we're a rare breed or perhaps there are a lot of closet carrot collectors," he said.

Various references during the visit to the Carrot Capital Festival in 2007- here

Keighley News 8 March 2007 click here.

Huddersfield Examiner 8 March 2008 - The simple carrot, yet it’s so very good for our health

‘The carrot’s nutritional value is unquestionable and scientist have shown that the value increases when they are cooked!’

Take a gentle stroll across some of our beautiful coastal dunes and chalky cliffs in mid-summer and you may see stems with typical pure white Umbelliferae flower spikes up to a metre (3ft) tall. You are not allowed to dig these up under the Wildlife and Countryside Act. So pick a leaf off, crush and smell it – the distinct carrot aroma – this is the wild carrot, Daucus carota.

From this wild relative, dating from over 5,000 years ago, we now have hundreds of varieties to choose from in a whole rainbow of colours. Its popularity in the Middle East continued for centuries until the crop at last found its way into Europe in the 14th century. It finally arrived on our shores in the 15th century with Flemish refugees.

Over the following 500 years its importance, its quality, its flavour and size all increased dramatically. So by the time we had reached the Dig for Victory campaign of the Second World War, the carrot was part of our staple diet and a popular allotment and showing crop. Its nutritional value is unquestionable and scientist have shown that the value increases when they are cooked! Carotene, known as a powerful antioxidant, increases after cooking and will increase even more if you do not peel the carrots. Vitamins B, C, D and E are also present in valuable quantities.

For anything else that you want to know about carrots visit – but only if you have a day or two to spare!

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