The Carrot Tattoo Lady - Zizi


Zizi Fouquet from California is a true carrot lady. Not only does she have a comprehensive collection of carrot memorabilia but is also festooned with carrot tattoos, 31 carrots in all!.
More evidence of real carrot madness.

Here is Zizi's arm art.

But there's more to come. See the before and after carrot tattoo on Zizi's midriff.

By the way Zizi has also managed to produce a carrot top son, August.

Zizi's latest creation, don't mess with this carrot toting lady!

Here is the Carrot Lady with her sister (right) wearing the Carrot Overalls - carrot madness must run in the family! (by the way Zizi is not normally this shape - she was pregnant at the time of the photo)Michele and her sister showing their love of carrots

The latest edition - now Zizi sports tattoos front and rear!! - where next??Michele's latest carrot tattoo

The before and after of how a tattoo grew on Zizi

Just to prove Zizi is not totally out of this planet she also manages to collect "ordinary" carrotabilia. Here is a sample of her "normal" carrot collection.

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